Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode
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Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode

Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode (10-12-1948) left to England for a year
after his elementary school to learn the English language. He ended up at an
horse company and discovered because of his work with hunter’s, pony’s,
militant horses and show-jumpers how much fun it is to work with horses.
His next language became German, a language in which he mainly learned at the
Westfälische Reit un Fahrschule in Münster. After three years he did his Bereiter-exam  in Warendorf.

During his army-conscription Eddy was stationed at the Royal stable’s in The Hague, where he met colonel Geza Von Hazslinkszky. The instructions of Geza Von Hazslinkszky had an big influence on Eddy de Wolff. Germany kept Eddy interesting so Eddy accepted an contracted service link at the training’s centre for young approved Hannover state horses in Adelheidsdorf.

Back in the Netherlands, he worked as an instructor at the dressagestables of Jan Nijland at Den Dolder. During those days there was enough occasion to get familiar and experienced at Grand Prix level because of the learning master which populated the stables at Den Dolder, like Lipizzaner Favory Fényes and Raita from Jan Nijland, Irish Pill from Els Mouw and Don Vasco from Cees Vellenga.

In 1979 Eddy became national champion with his horse Monarch (V.Marco Polo) in the Z-class at the NVDR which was called the VVDR (Dutch dressage organisation) back then.
in 1981 he also became VVDR champion in the Light tour class “de Prix St. Georges/ Intermédiaire I” with the same horse. A full brother of horse Legaag.

As jury-member Eddy had some training courses:

  • Training course with Harry Bolt
  • Jury course at the the Fédération Eqnestre Internationale with W.M Niggli, E. Lette, V. Moritz, M.Withages
    and S. Clark
  • Eddy de Wolff van Westerrode is besides interionational Grand-Prix jurymember,
    who has adjudicated all topdressage riders and amazones,
    also co-autor of the book "De Dressuurproef Van Groen tot Grand Prix"
    (The Dressage test from green to Grand Prix).

    Nowadays Eddy works as an freelance instructor. If he’s not abroad Eddy trains
    during the morning his horses of stable Weltevreden. After that he gives
    horse filing lessons to his students. Adjudicating is in his heart
    but he finds it an hard choice leaving his kids back at home.